Monday, July 19, 2010

How I Got Expelled Because of an Antelope

Cross posted from A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances

Note: This story is more or less true, though events have been conflated and condensed due to my having a very bad memory for exact dates and times. Also, I am very sarcastic about what happened. Those involved, particularly my parents and other individuals will claim that I made this up. Sadly, they are mistaken.

When I was in grade school, I had many problems, due to being a little too smart and a little too dumb--at the same time. I had few if any social skills, an inability to communicate coherently and in general, very easily confused by very simple things. I may or may not have any of a number of learning disabilities. (I was in “Special Ed” from I think third grade, until my first year in high school. According to my parents and teachers, I was “emotionally disturbed” which is not a diagnosis. You would be emotionally disturbed too, if everything confused the heck out of you, were surrounded by often hostile people, and it took you forever to learn everything.)

I had a strong interest in animals and eventually acquired an interest in reading once I learned how--which did nothing to make me popular. Because of my various difficulties, I got a lot of grief in school from both teachers and other students. (Who then gave the same amount of grief to my poor brother and sister. Apparently, I just was that incredibly horrible as a child.)