Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Post is All Over the Place...

Just a few random thoughts that I'm putting down here. 
  • The class for next term is Advanced Web Graphic Design. I'm a little nervous because I haven't been practicing very much and I'm afraid I'm going to have to relearn everything that I had learned before. (Which doesn't feel like very much, generally speaking.)
  • It occurs to me that while there is a great deal of information on avoiding "toxic people" there is much less online information on what you're supposed to do if you're the one with toxic personality traits. (I suppose the reasoning is that the toxic person will eventually figure it out when everyone they know deserts them.) It also occurs to me that you might have learned toxic behaviors as a result of having a toxic person in your life.
  • I am still extremely cranky about certain individuals (including myself) in my intro to sociology class. Still burned by the argument about feminism. Basically, the class definition of "feminist" was 'scary activist person' and they were not prepared by my definition of feminist as 'someone who believes in equality and women's rights.' Of course, I didn't define my terms in a suitably coherent manner and I ended up having to apologize for hurting everyone's feelings.      
  • I'll admit that a lot of my crankiness about the class is because of the person who was someone who had also been in my class at the Really Bad School. I know that she most likely didn't say anything about me to the other class members but I have no idea of whether she did or not. No, I don't expect someone who had managed to make a career for herself after being at the Really Bad School to actually be professional. I pretty much soured to everyone in the class because of her which was a shame since I liked the teacher. Why yes, I am kind of paranoid, why do you ask
  • This is something I've been thinking about off and one for years since I've read the book The Games People Play. First, while I do recognize some of the defense mechanisms and behavior patterns, I despise the victim blaming aspects of the book. I also hate the titles and the concept because generally speaking, GAME implies an activity that SOMEONE IS DOING ON PURPOSE. 
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