Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding Your "Voice" as a Writer: This is Not Metaphysics.

The most important thing about becoming a writer of just about anything is finding one's "voice." This is not a weird, artsy near metaphysical thing, or at least, it should not be treated as one. Your "voice" as a writer is what makes your writing interesting and readable. This is true if you're writing about child care, about a gadget you are reviewing or if you're telling a story.

Figuring out what your "voice" sounds like can be a little intimidating. Most people do not analyze their own writing. Some people over-analyze and are excessively negative about their writing.( This can be both a bad and a good thing. If you feel you are in need of improvement, you will work harder at it. On the other hand if you are too negative you can cripple yourself as a writer.) Some people believe that their writing has no need of improvement--and they may or may not be wrong. Some people are just writing for themselves and it shows because no one can understand it. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Third Week Recap WGD 242 Advanced Web Design

For this class, I've been making a greater effort at being "personable." I think some of the social failures of the Sociology class has given me a better idea of how to handle future problems. (Hopefully. I'm feeling very optimistic, anyway.) I managed to get 30/30 points for class discussions for both the first and second week, and my first class assignment got me a 100/100.

The first class assignment was to create the home page for two stores and one restaurant of a mall. Because I did not read the main assignment page I did not know what to name the mall until the middle of the week. This made it something of a problem since I had already made a mall name. (The name for the mall in the main assignment is Neverending Mall. I named my mall "Mockingbird.") We also had to create logos for the stores, the restaurant and the mall. The web pages needed layouts and color schemes.

The second class assignment involved creating landing pages for each of the stores and the restuarant. We also needed to include images. I fiddled with the images and the web page for most of the week and turned everything in on Thursday.Here's the logos I came up with.

A Few Notes on Taking Notes

Whether researching a topic or studying for a test, taking accurate and useful notes ensures that you will have a clear understanding of the topic, and that you will be able relate the topic to others. Notes that are confusing, illegible and poorly organized will have the opposite effect and might even get you in trouble if you accidentally plagiarize or misquote. Here are a few tips for when you are taking notes.

Read the Article on Associated Content.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stacks and Stacks of Notebooks

I did not really start writing until high school.

In high school, after a journalism class that was a disaster, I took a creative writing class. This went somewhat better, though the teacher was extremely offensive and annoying in a lot of ways. (He was a nice guy who was also a ridiculously stupid bigot of the variety who will cheerfully refer to Native Americans as belonging to a "dying culture" and therefore it was okay to engage cultural appropriation. No, I have no idea why he thought that.) 

I wrote a lot of poetry I'm embarrassed about, and a lot of short fiction I'm even more embarrassed about because they were very emotional, angst-filled "working out my issues" type writing. (The teacher liked the poetry. I did not like the teacher liking them. I also didn't appreciate him calling my parents to tell them how "talented" I was.)