Sunday, March 4, 2012

GBE2 Prompt 42: Confrontation

This is for GBE2 Prompt 42

This is a confrontation that never happened! I am so very glad this confrontation never happened because just the idea of having this confrontation fills me with horror. I was so happy and relieved that this confrontation never happened, and no one felt the need to make me “work past it.” I am also very, very grateful that the professor understood and did not think I was exaggerating or lying.

This is the run down:

My very first college experience took place in a very high-stress environment. The school was moving to a new location and the program that was being taught was being discontinued. I had managed to accidentally insult the instructor and he decided that I was a bad apple because a) I was pagan b) I have communication difficulties especially when under a lot of stress and I had a double dose from both the school and at home c) I was doing very, very badly in class.

The students in the class did not like me and generally treated me like a freak. They asked rude and horrible questions and then ran right over me when I tried to explain myself. They would attack me in Group Discussion and then accuse me of always having to be the center of attention, even when I very clearly didn’t want to talk to them. The instructors did nothing about it, and seemed to feel that I had brought this on myself. (In a way they were right, I signed on for this program after all...)  I was not allowed to sit near any of them during lunch break because I was “creepy.” They would take everything I said and put a strange, sinister spin on it. They decided the reason I was so “strange” was because I had been sexually molested. (Spoiler: No, I wasn’t.) One or two pretended sympathy, gave me their phone numbers...and then were never available to talk to me and then they accused me of stalking them.  

(Spoiler: High school really DOESN’T ever end. Good grief.)

In short, it was pretty much hell. I do not want to see any of those people ever again. My aversion is pretty ridiculously strong to the point where I will completely avoid anyone I see wearing a patch with that school’s logo. (Spoiler: My parents are now living less than a block from said former school. Oh god WHY.)  

Fast forward to my most recent school experience.

One of the people from that school was in my sociology class. I did not recognize her at first, and I honestly think I might have scared her because I kept looking back at her every so often because I wasn’t sure. It turned out that this woman was in fact one of my former classmates from the other school. I was immediately in terror that she would tell the instructor (who was my favorite instructor) or the other people in the class how freakish I was.

I was very tempted to quit the class so as to avoid this person. I did speak to the instructor about my difficulties with the person. I asked him that if we did anything in a group, that I not be in any group she was in. He said he couldn’t make any promises but reassured me that the person in question had not said anything about me. (I believe it helped that I had done very well in one of his previous classes and overall I was a good student this time around.)  

Still, I was something of a basket case because of this person! I still went to class, but I noticed that after the second class, she did not come to class, nor did she respond to any of the online discussion questions. About the third week in, it didn’t look like she was around at all. I checked with the teacher, and discovered that she had apparently quit the class.

Confrontation successfully avoided due to the other person possibly being more freaked out than I was.