Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another NaBloPoMo Catch Up

NaBloPoMo April 2012Which poem has the best first line?

There are a lot of poems with great first lines. In fact, I would say that a poem needs a good first line much like a lyric needs a hook. One of the poets/writers who I think is pretty good at that is Rudyard Kipling (though I have something of a love/hate relationship with his work. A lot of his writing is kind of bigoted and imperialistic and what he does to dialects when he tries to write them are utterly horrifying and occasionally unreadable).

So, you can have a few great first lines

“Helen All Alone”

There was darkness under Heaven
  For an hour's space--
Darkness that we knew was given
  Us for special grace.

This is a creepy, evocative poem. I like the first line, but the part I really like is actually the repeated variations of the line “Helen came to me she did, Helen all alone!”

“Jobson’s Amen”

BLESSED be the English and all their ways and works.
Curs├Ęd be the Infidels, Hereticks, and Turks!
"Amen," quo' Jobson, " but where I used to lie
Was neither Candle, Bell nor Book to curse my brethren by.
This particular poem was something of a surprise to me since I am better acquainted with his “yay soldiers and imperialism, let’s pretend we’re doing good things by conquering people!” shtick. It’s a somewhat romantic view of “exotic” places but there seems to be an underlying message of accepting and appreciating ways that are different from your own.

“The Sergeant’s Weddin’”

'E was warned agin' 'er --
 That's what made 'im look;
She was warned agin' 'im --
 That is why she took.

This is a freaking hilarious poem. The sergeant is extremely dishonest and does things that are either shady or illegal. The lady is apparently a lady of the evening. It is funny even if the horrible “writing in dialect” is annoying.

Where is your favorite place to read poetry (or read at all)?

This is a repeat question.

Write a love letter to one of your favorite people.

This is not so much a love letter as it is fangirl blather.

Dear Luka,

You are one of my favorite writers. You are also one of my favorite artists. You are funny and I enjoy reading all of your posts on Tumblr. I love the way you play with ideas and tropes in your web comic. Kagerou is completely brilliant and is one of the web comics where I literally couldn’t stop reading all the way through. Your characters are interesting, or creepy or scary and your world building is top notch.