Thursday, April 12, 2012

GBE 2: Blog On -- Week #47: “Home”

This is for GBE 2 Prompt 47

I decided to make this about the home I wanted to have instead of engaging in any navel gazing where I ponder the meaning of the word home. (Though I might do that another time; at the moment I just don’t feel it.)

The home I want to have is in a climate more temperate than the middle of the Sonoran Desert. (I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I do not like living in Phoenix, or Arizona. If I could move, I would.) It is in an out of the way place while simultaneously being near shopping. It is a two story house with two and a half bathrooms, a big kitchen and a walk in closet in the bedroom. There is a home office, and a study/library. The living room would have an entertainment center with a TV and sound system of some kind for playing music. I do not watch very much TV, but on the theory that I might, I would definitely want a television.

The home I want to have is actually variable in size! I like the idea of big houses, but I am also extremely charmed by very small houses. (I think I would actually prefer the very small house to a big one where most of the space was not being used.)

I want a house with a front yard and a back yard. Ideally, it would be a fence. A very sturdy fence. I want to have a garden though I do not think I am very good at gardening. (Some time, I will have to tell you about the Triffids.) There will be a tool shed in back. I cannot drive, so I have no idea if I would want a garage or not. There would be room for a laundry room. (Maybe the laundry room would end up in the garage, though that might not be very secure. Then again, I am not sure someone would steal an entire washer or dryer.)

The furnishings for the house will follow a simple rule: I must be able to pick it up and move it somewhere else with no difficulty.  I do not like big, heavy furniture as I occasionally have a desire to rearrange everything. The only area where I would like big heavy furniture is possibly the computer desk. Otherwise, I need to be able to pick it up and move it.

There would be a porch, and maybe a patio. And a picnic table in back, and a barbecue.