Monday, April 16, 2012

NaBloPoMo April: If your circle of friends were a limerick, would you rather be part of the couplet or the threesome?

NaBloPoMo April 2012I...have no idea what this prompt is telling me to write about, so have a limerick.

There once was a chick in Phoenix
Who wasn’t that good at limericks
She got stuck in the rhyme
All of the time
And let’s not speak of her issues syllabic

Limericks are hard.

Okay, actually sonnets or anything where you have “metrical feet” is hard for me because I...don’t think I hear words when I read them. And I don’t really notice or get iambs. Sonnets require iambic pentameter which is a specific long-short pattern, and even though you could just as easily use ten syllables you can’t because it has to fit into that specific long-short pattern.  

Syllable counting is actually much simpler for me. So if I wrote a sonnet, it would automatically be wrong because I would go for syllables instead of feet.

This poetry prompt
Makes no sense to me at all--
So have a haiku

I cannot figure out if the prompt actually means, “would you rather have one really close friend, or be part of a group” or not. It could just as easily mean, “would you rather talk to one other person or be part of a group discussion?”  I think my main issue with this prompt is that “threesome” means something MUCH, much different to me than to the person who wrote the prompt. So it is an unintentionally funny prompt that is making me snicker a little bit.

I have one or two really close friends, and a handful of other people I am not as close to. I am not in fact geographically close to most of the people I know. I am one of those people who tends to have more friends online than they do in “real life.” This does not bother me very much as I tend to be very introverted by nature. I am not actually very good at faking sociability and even chat rooms will cause me to go off in a corner and listen without interacting very much. (It is much easier for me to speak with one person at a time. It is also preferable that there be no back ground noises to distract me.)

Couplets can be a pain
sing song rhyme is my bane