Friday, April 20, 2012

NaBloPoMoApril: Two prompts for the price of one.

What aspect of nature feels the most poetic?

NaBloPoMo April 2012Actually, I have no idea. Mountains can look poetic, dinky little ponds with dragon flies hovering over them and frogs croaking can seem poetic, the wind through the trees can feel poetic. Storm clouds over the water when you are at the beach can be poetic. There is nothing that cannot be poetic. The “Apocalypse Later Surf” video is poetic (and also disturbing and terrifying), as an extreme example.

I do not think there is anything that can be “most poetic” except in the moment where you are actually experiencing that poetic thing.

Where is your favourite place to read/write poetry?

I do not actually have a favorite place to read or write poetry. It seems kind of silly and twee to have a favorite place just to read or write poetry. Then again, if we were talking about the most comfortable place to write or read poetry, I would have to say “in my bedroom,” because that is where I end up doing a lot of my writing anyway. I am not always good at writing with a keyboard. Sometimes I just have sit down on the floor or at a desk with a pen and a pad of paper. Similarly, when I am reading a book I tend to retreat to my bedroom to read. (If I am in the living room, I am generally at the computer.)

So the answer to the question is, “either in my bedroom or wherever else I feel like writing or reading poetry.”