Tuesday, May 1, 2012

By Way of Explanation...

Back in 2009 I started trying to monetize my main blog, which is a livejournal blog that I've been writing on since 2002. I also started and monetized  A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances and then started Near Life Experiences. (Which I have not really updated often enough because most of my random thoughts end up on the main blog.)

The reason why I decided to try monetizing my blog was because I had been laid off for the second time in two years, and was unable to find anything even remotely resembling a job. In a fit of desperation, I went back to school and decided to try finding work as a freelance writer--with limited success. (It is probably a bad idea to try doing something radically different and very difficult when you are actually extremely depressed and have existed in a state of low-level anxiety for most of your life. Some time, I will have to write about my frustrations concerning insurance, doctors and therapists)

Among my monetizing efforts was joining the Amazon Associate program. I started posting links to various Amazon products on my main journal, and also creating image links to the books I was reviewing on A Wicked Convergence of Circumstance. This did not earn me very much,  but then so far, none of my monetizing plans have really panned out.

I was initially hesitant to start posting Amazon Links on this journal, because of the journals I have, I use this one the least frequently. (I wanted a balance of promotional and written material. I have not yet hit my stride so to speak with the subjects I would like to pursue with this blog, which is somewhat frustrating. 

I am stepping up the promotional side of my blogging in hopes that  I actually become financially solvent which I am currently not. That is to say, I've been nearing the end of my rope for quite some time now, and if I don't become financially solvent by the end of the month I am in epic amounts of trouble. (I have also already put up donate buttons on my livejournal and dreamwidth blogs and am contemplating doing the same here.)