Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Financial Hardship Whining Tuesday...

Yesterday was an adventure. And by adventure I actually mean it was aggravating, stressful and extremely stupid. You see, due to financial hardship I am going to be moving back in with my parents. This means most of yesterday I was on the phone trying to change my address  and navigate my bank's phone system when I lack a phone id number. I also had to arrange for the phone and utilities to be turned off. 

The first thing I did was finally answer my career services adviser at my old school, letting her know about a) the financial hardship and b) this is pretty much why I hadn't contacted her.  The next thing I did was turn in my 30 notice with my apartment complex. Since I was about a week late, I had to pay for a week's worth of rent. Then I went grocery shopping! After grocery shopping I came back and arranged to have my mail sent to the new address. Then I arranged to have my  phone and electricity turned off on the 31st. Then I called up the bank where I had the aforementioned adventures with the phone system.

My phone adventure was something like this:

I do not have my phone id number to do bank transactions. I am still able to eventually find a way to talk to a live person but the computer the live person is using is not working. He attempts to transfer me to a different agent, and I end up at the opening menu which asks me for the phone id number that I do not have. 

I hang up and try again. I get my address changed. I go to the credit card number and get my address changed. This is not easy to do as their phone system is slightly different from the main bank's phone system. (And it is nearly impossible to get a live person who can actually help you.) Then I go to credit protection which says they can't give me an unemployment benefit since I am technically not unemployed. (I can get a moving credit, but first I need to download some stuff.).

I am not able to navigate the phone system to find out about financial hardship programs, but I am able to ask for information using the chat system online, though the chat agents were not particularly helpful. I now have a phone number. (Actually I have several phone numbers). I also sent emails about the financial hardship. 

While this was going on, I also answered some questions that the career services adviser had about my situation. (Such as, did my parents live in the Phoenix area and if I wanted her to keep sending out resumes. The answers were yes and YES.) 

So, that was yesterday. Today I will hopefully be getting boxes for packing and moving stuff.