Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Amazon Link Spam! Books

I get a small commission for the items that are purchased from these links. Theoretically, if enough people buy things from me, I become financially solvent.

War for the Oaks: A Novel
Emma Bull
List Price: $15.99
Price: $6.07
You Save: $9.92 (62%)
War for the Oaks is urban fantasy of the subset known as urban faerie. (While some more recent urban fantasy might tack on faeries in a mostly vampire and werewolf universe, this is primarily a novel dealing with Faerie and its intersection with the mortal world.) This novel originally came out in the 80’s. It has been reprinted by Orb books.
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Norse Code
Greg Van Eekhout
Price: $7.99
Norse Code does some interesting things with Norse mythology. It also does some interesting thing for the urban fantasy genre in that it has a more serious feel to it than a lot of the urban fantasy I have read lately (which is to say I have been mostly running into paranormal romances lately). Despite many humorous and silly moments, this is a fairly serious story, which is fitting considering it is about Ragnarok.
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The Demon's Covenant (Demon's Lexicon)
Sarah Rees Brennan
Price: $9.99
The sequel to The Demon’s Lexicon is from the point of view of Mae, who is trying to deal with her very complicated life which has been made even more complicated by magic and the presence of Nick and Alanl Ryves. (She is also in the dog house with her mother Annabel, who it turns out, is not the kind of parent who would not care if her two children disappeared. She is just the kind of parent who deeply sucks at interacting with children. Unreliable narrators are not to be trusted and should not be trusted because they are unreliable.)
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Elegy Beach
Steven R. Boyett
List Price: $7.99
Price: $6.29
You Save: $1.70 (21%)
Elegy Beach is the sequel to Ariel: A Book of the Change, and you might call it “Ariel, the Next Generation,” except it isn’t quite like that at all. Yes, the protagonist is the son of Pete Garey, the protagonist (and not quite hero) of Ariel, but the writer takes his own sweet time getting around to admitting that yes, Pete went and had a mini-me. The main plot of the story revolves around Fred going on a quest to stop his friend and fellow magic-user Yanamandra Ramchandani from accomplishing his goal of “correcting the Change” and turning everything back to “the way it was.”
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On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1)
Ilona Andrews (Author)
Price: $7.99
On the Edge is Another “Bad Ass Babe Fantasy Romance. (I may have to change the name of the blog to Rena’s House of Ass-Kicking or something if the trend continues--and given a glance at my reading list, it probably will.) This one uses what at first looks like a white trash/hill billy version of the (eternal and immortal) romance trope where the Hero Must Tame/Woo the Tempestuous Wildcat Heroine. Only that’s not what it is at all. It’s something much different; it’s Lawman Uses Wildcat As Bait to Catch the Bad Guy and then Kind of Falls for Her, which makes it more interesting.
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The Snow Queen's Shadow (PRINCESS NOVELS)
Jim C. Hines
Price: $7.99
The Snow Queen’s Shadow goes into some harrowing territory. When Snow attempts to save Queen Beatrice’s life with magic fails, it breaks her magic mirror. The mirror turns out to have been powered by a demon which is now loose and immediately takes possession of Snow. Under the demon’s influence she manages to infect Danielle’s husband Armand with the demon’s influence and kidnaps her son Prince Jakob.
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