Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird and Cat Adventures

The Cat

I’ve been living at the new place for a week now. The cat spent most of last week freaking out about it. She hid under the bed, refused to eat, and whenever anyone she didn’t recognize came near the room, she would wail in terror. At one point, she ended up spraying all over the floor. This meant that I had to clean the floor and then give her a bath, which probably added to her trauma.

I was extremely worried about her, but she seems to be (slowly) recovering from her freak-out. She is still hiding under the bed and behind one of the book cases, but she is eating, and using the litterbox. She is gaining some curiosity about her surroundings, though she still does not much like having unfamiliar people around. My cat’s extremely delicate nerves seem to be somewhat surprising to certain people, though not necessarily, because they have no experience with cats. Previous cats have not been nearly as emotionally delicate as my current feline.  

Given the living space, I have taken to crating the cat at night so that I don’t have to deal with the cat knocking over random things in the night, or causing other mischief. (The previous arrangement when I was living in the apartment was that the cat stayed out of my room at night. She stayed out of my room at night because she would occasionally tear around at random. The few times she was in my room at night, she spent the entire time trying to get me to play with her.) The cat is somewhat used to crating since this is what I generally do when she becomes over stimulated or cranky, or when I was cleaning the apartment.

The Bird

The bird settled in much more quickly than I anticipated. He is not very people-social so I anticipated more of a freak out. (He did have a slight freak out last Saturday, but that was mostly because some shades were being installed.) I have plans for letting him out of the cage more often, mostly because there are several places for him to perch in the room. (The cat is not a problem as they are more or less used to each other.)