Monday, December 17, 2012

Google Maps Directions Failure

So last Wednesday I need to get to a location in Tempe for an interview. I usually use Google Maps because I can't stand the Phoenix Metro website's directions. (The essential problem is that it will not always find a route for a place you are going, and they only give you one possible route. Google Maps is a lot better because it will give you several possible routes.) Usually I do not have very much trouble with Google Maps but this time around there was a very significant problem. 

The directions were fine up to the point where I ended up at a bus transit station. The directions told me I should take the North Bound Route 72 to where I needed to go. Due to a similar directions problem I had when I went to a location in Gilbert, I asked a bus driver where I should go. I was told I needed to take the South Bound bus. (The other directions problem was that the name of the route was wrong for the Gilbert trip.)

I am extremely glad I thought to ask a bus driver, otherwise I would have been extremely late for my interview instead of extremely early.