Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GBE2 Prompt 41: Simplicity

This is for GBE2 Prompt 41

When I was still living with my parents, I used to drive my mom up the wall because I had very little interest in how I looked or what I was wearing. I also had very little interest in makeup or hairstyles or any of a number of things I was apparently supposed to care about. The only time I “cared” about my appearance is when I was being given a hard time because I failed to meet whatever standards my mom had for my appearance.

My own standards for my appearance are pretty simple.

1. If I am at home or in a casual setting: jeans and a t-shirt. T-shirt or pants may have holes in them or be extremely worn. Hair: always out of my face. Make up: None

2. If I am at work or a more formal setting: clothes and hair must be presentable and follow whatever rules are in place for setting. Make up: None.

(The reason why no makeup ever is because a) I had never learned how to apply it. b) I have an intense texture issue concerning makeup. And by texture issue, I mean I want to claw my face off when I wear makeup.)

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t spend very much on myself, except where books or food is concerned. If I go out to eat and I am familiar with the restaurant, chances are pretty good that I will always order the same thing no matter how many times I visit. If I buy clothes or shoes, they will be to replace whatever has become worn out. I would love to say that this is an outgrowth of a personal philosophy that encourages a lifestyle where you only get what you absolutely need, but I suspect that the real reason is that it simply does not occur to me to go and get something unless I absolutely have to.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GBE2 Prompt 40: Jane’s Tale: Anime Version

This is for GBE2Prompt 40

Well, she says that she just fell asleep at the computer, and the next thing she knew, she had cut herself on a broken wine glass. What actually happened was this:

Jane is a retired Magical Girl. From roughly fifth grade to her freshman year of high school, she fought evil forces by moonlight (and occasionally daylight) while making friends and having romantic entanglements. She probably would have preferred being a Vampire Slayer or something because Buffy Summers does not have an embarrassing transformation sequence or slightly ridiculous move/spell names such as “Lightning Blast Ameliorate!” or “Storm Sword Advantage!”

Of course, when she hit her sophomore year too many people knew she was Pretty Knight Jean and she had to quit. (Her mentor and magical companions were heartbroken.) She transferred to a new school, gave up her sword and armor and had a relatively quiet life up until Phantom Thief M, Jean’s old rival turned up.  

Phantom Thief M never retired from being a Magical Girl. This is partly because she is not exactly human and probably will not become an adult for another hundred years or so. In their last climactic battle before Jean’s retirement, Jean managed to banish the Phantom Thief to her home universe.

Or it might be better to say, almost completely banished her. When M finally made it back to our universe, she was deeply unhappy with Jean! She was even unhappier to discover that her very favorite nemesis had apparently disappeared from the face of the Earth. Phantom Thief M decided to hunt down Jean, who was now Jane, and a grown up. When she found out that Jane was no longer a magical girl she was quite understandably upset.

M confronted Jane, who at first refused to fight M because M is a teeny little girl and Jane is a grown up. M did not accept this reasoning and threw one of her shadow knives at Jane, which cut her cheek. Jane decided to forget being reasonable and adult and proceeded to kick M’s tail. Then she banished M back to her home universe again and went to an emergency room to get her cut taken care of.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Musical Memories

This is a slightly hard prompt to do, since while quite a few songs have stuck with me, I generally do not know either the artist or the name of the song. (And I will almost never remember all of the lyrics.) Therefore, I had to do a little research. In no particular order, have a list of songs. (Special note: Some of the songs I remember best are also ones I don’t actually like.) Also, very few of these songs are connected to actual memories. Several of them tend to be slightly more depressing than my usual preferences in music normally indicate!

“Another Brick in the Wall”--Pink Floyd

When I was in grade school, I often got made fun of for not being able to psychically discern what music groups were “okay” or “not okay” to like. (I was also made fun of for liking music from the fifties and sixties.) At one point in time I even stated that I did not like Pink Floyd because a) I did not recognize the band name, and b) I was not sure where the other party stood in regard to the band. Of course, it turned out later that I was at least half-way lying because I had heard Pink Floyd and liked it, I just hadn’t known what the band’s name had been.