Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Amazon Link Spam: Music

I get a small commission from items bought via these links. If I get enough commissions I eventually become financially solvent.

Velvet Chain | Format: MP3 Download
Price: $8.99
Album Savings: $3.88 compared to buying all songs
Original Release Date: December 8, 1998

Mostly posted because of the songs that show up on Buffy.

Best of 1980-1990
U2 | Format: Audio CD

I really love U2. That's all I have to say on the matter.

Beyond The Sunset
Blackmore's Night | Format: MP3 Download

Price: $8.99
Album Savings: $4.87 compared to buying all songs
Original Release Date: December 31, 2006

I've only heard a few songs by this group, but what I've heard I really like.

Boiled In Lead | Format: Audio CD

All of the songs on this anthology are awesome.

Another Way to Travel
Cats Laughing | Format: MP3 Download
Album Savings: $1.90 compared to buying all songs

I had this on cassette and I wore it out listening to this one. This is a rare album where I like most of the songs.

S.J. Tucker | Format: MP3 Download
Album Savings: $1.90 compared to buying all songs
Original Release Date: June 8, 2005

I really love this singer. Her songs are always wonderful.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Amazon Link Spam: Books

I receive a small commission for items bought via the links I post. Theoretically if I get enough commissions I become financially solvent.

Book Review: After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn
After the Golden Age is a novel of the “deconstruct the superhero genre” persuasion. Since I am not a very big fan of superhero comics, it took me a while to get around to reading it. Our Heroine is Celia West, the only daughter of Captain Olympus and Spark, the foremost superheroes of Commerce City. Celia has no superhero talents of her own, and is every criminal and supervillain’s idea of a good kidnap victim.

For various reasons having to do with family dysfunction and a very extreme expression of teen rebellion, she is estranged from her family.

Intruder by C.J. Cherryh
List Price:
Price: $15.82
You Save: $10.13 (39%)
In Intruder, the political machinations continue as Bren works toward creating a lasting trade agreement (and hopefully peace) between the Western Association and the Marid, and the Marid and Ilisidi’s Eastern district. This is a very complicated tangle made even more complicated by Machigi, the lord of the Marid giving Bren a letter revealing a number of things about what had been going on behind the scenes in Deceiver and Betrayer.

(That is, if anything the letter says can be trusted as accurate, since Machigi also states that some of the things he wrote in the letter are lies.)

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire
This is the first book in a new urban fantasy series, InCryptid. It has a much more humorous tone than the grittier and darker Toby Daye novels and has a few romantic sub plots worked into both the main story and the back story. It is about a family of cryptozoologists whose ancestors decamped from a monster hunting organization known as the Covenant of St. George.

The Covenant believes that all “unnatural” creatures should be exterminated, but the Prices believe they should be studied, and only hunted down if individuals prey on humans.

War for the Oaks, by Emma Bull
List Price:
Price: $6.07
You Save: $9.92 (62%)
War for the Oaks is urban fantasy of the subset known as urban faerie. (While some more recent urban fantasy might tack on faeries in a mostly vampire and werewolf universe, this is primarily a novel dealing with Faerie and its intersection with the mortal world.)

This novel originally came out in the 80’s. It has been reprinted by Orb books.

Mother of Demons, by Eric Flint
Mother of Demons is one of my favorite books. The novel is a “braided timeline” style novel that tells the stories of a disparate group of people--human and alien--who become allies in a conflict with an enemy tribe. One timeline follows Nukurren, a mercenary currently serving as the body guard to a slave merchant. (This being the only job she can get since she is a “*pervert.”) One timeline follows the leader and followers of a religion that is currently being persecuted by the main religious institution of a city-state. Another timeline follows a young infanta of a barbarian tribe about to go into battle for the first time and who is desperate to save her tribe from an invading tribe of cannibals.

Yet another timeline follows a struggling human colony that has been adopted by a dwindling and nearly extinct species related to the dominant intelligent species.

Tinker, by Wen Spencer
I first read Tinker when it came out in 2003. It quickly became one of my favorites because of the heroine Tinker (who is an engineer who runs a junkyard), and a great deal of the world building. The setting is Pittsburgh, which has had a variable location between Earth and Elfhome since the Chinese built an interdimensional gate in orbit.

Tinker has lived her entire life in Pittsburgh and many of her inventions take advantage of the magical energy available on Elfhome.

Garden of Your Mind: Mr Rogers remix by melody sheep

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird and Cat Adventures

The Cat

I’ve been living at the new place for a week now. The cat spent most of last week freaking out about it. She hid under the bed, refused to eat, and whenever anyone she didn’t recognize came near the room, she would wail in terror. At one point, she ended up spraying all over the floor. This meant that I had to clean the floor and then give her a bath, which probably added to her trauma.

I was extremely worried about her, but she seems to be (slowly) recovering from her freak-out. She is still hiding under the bed and behind one of the book cases, but she is eating, and using the litterbox. She is gaining some curiosity about her surroundings, though she still does not much like having unfamiliar people around. My cat’s extremely delicate nerves seem to be somewhat surprising to certain people, though not necessarily, because they have no experience with cats. Previous cats have not been nearly as emotionally delicate as my current feline.  

Given the living space, I have taken to crating the cat at night so that I don’t have to deal with the cat knocking over random things in the night, or causing other mischief. (The previous arrangement when I was living in the apartment was that the cat stayed out of my room at night. She stayed out of my room at night because she would occasionally tear around at random. The few times she was in my room at night, she spent the entire time trying to get me to play with her.) The cat is somewhat used to crating since this is what I generally do when she becomes over stimulated or cranky, or when I was cleaning the apartment.

The Bird

The bird settled in much more quickly than I anticipated. He is not very people-social so I anticipated more of a freak out. (He did have a slight freak out last Saturday, but that was mostly because some shades were being installed.) I have plans for letting him out of the cage more often, mostly because there are several places for him to perch in the room. (The cat is not a problem as they are more or less used to each other.)

Tuesday Amazon Link Post: More Father's Day Gift Ideas!

This time I went for cute stuff, and parenting manuals. If you buy something from one of these links, I get a small commission. If enough stuff is bought, I eventually become financially solvent.

Amazing Apparel Dad's Outdoor Adventures Fathers Day T-Shirt,
List Price: $24.99
Price: $9.99
You Save: $15.00 (60%)
Amazon Product Description
Dad's Outdoor Adventures, Where only the size of the STORY matters. Perfect gift for any dad.

Kikkerland CD06 Grenade Screwdriver Set
$6.00 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
Amazon Product Description
Hand Grenade Screwdriver Set Tool set inside grenade includes driver, small, medium, and large sized Phillips and flathead-style bits to help you do the twist on all your screwy projects. Really easy to use just pop the red grenade top off, undo latch on side of grenade, open, insert the driver into the top of grenade and insert strong magnetic tip into the top of the driver! Discreet, cleaver and easy! A creative and unique spin on your regular screwdriver set. 7 Piece set is secretly hidden inside the compact grenade! Tips are held in by a strong magnet- easy to use and hold.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know [Paperback]
Meg Meeker (Author)

List Price: $14.95
Price: $10.17 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $4.78 (32%)
Book Description
Publication Date: August 28, 2007
In today’s increasingly complicated world, it’s often difficult for parents to connect with their daughters–and especially so for fathers. In this unique and invaluable guide, Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician with more than twenty years’ experience counseling girls, reveals that a young woman’s relationship with her father is far more important than we’ve ever realized. To become a strong, confident woman, a daughter needs her father’s attention, protection, courage, and wisdom. Dr. Meeker shares the ten secrets every father needs to know in order to strengthen or rebuild bonds with his daughter and shape her life–and his own–for the better.

Emo Super Dad Mens T-shirt, Mens Fathers Day Shirt
Product Description
Our Mens T-shirts are made of a fully machine washable cotton blend for a cool, versatile and comfortable fit every time.

$12.99 - $18.99

Product Description

Dad's Grillin' BBQ Apron - Grillers Father's Day Gift by CoolAprons
Product Description
With full-size coverage at a very reasonable price, our aprons are one size fits all with 100% commercial wash ability. We offer many popular sayings in a wide variety of themes. Express yourself at your next BBQ, picnic,

Monday, June 4, 2012

GBE2 Blog On Prompt 55 “High School”

“Oh boy,” I said when I saw this week’s prompt. “This will not be an easy prompt for me to do. How do I disclose as humorously as possible how much I utterly loathed high school? And how do I do it without sounding mildly deranged about it?”

I had to go to two different high schools due to moving. I did not much care for either school. At the first school, I encountered some mild bullying in the form of the girls from my gym class getting on my case because they decided I was a tattle tale or something. (Because every time someone hit me with the ball, I would look in the gym teacher’s direction.) I also had some mild problems with a very aggressive girl in my math class. (Inappropriate eye contact, her habit of assuming I was giving her dirty looks.)

Friday, June 1, 2012

GBE2 Blog On Prompt 54 “Self”

Congratulations! You now have a RENA. These directions will explain everything you need to know in order to ensure you and RENA experience mutually satisfying interactions. RENA model 2012 (semi-employed) like all previous versions is SOCIALLY INEPT with a tendency to seem DISGRUNTLED and OVERLY EMPHATIC most of the time.


Friday Amazon Link Spam: Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you buy stuff from these links, I receive a small commission. Theoretically, if I get enough commissions, I become financially solvent.

Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-Inch LCD
List Price: $299.00
Price: $249.95 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
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Amazon Description: For those with a taste for adventure, there’s a camera as bold as the active life you lead. It’s the Canon PowerShot D10. Waterproof, freeze-proof and shockproof; it’s tough enough to take what you dish out. Plus it’s got all the high performance features you expect from a Canon digital camera. You’ve got 12.1 megapixels of resolution plus all of Canon’s powerful, state of the art imaging technologies so you can capture your epic experiences in breathtaking color and awesome detail.

Me: I have one of these! I would probably like it more if it provided me with RAW files. (It does not, and I did not think to check.) Aside from that it's a pretty good camera though my particular powershot, you have to press the button pretty hard to get it to snap a picture. (Which causes my hand to shake, which causes me to have a blurry picture.)

Invicta Men's 6752 Vintage Rose Dial Black Leather Watch
List Price:
Price: $69.00 FREE Super Saver Shipping & Free Returns Details
You Save: $726.00 (91%)
Amazon Description: Rose gold-tone stainless steel case with a black leather bracelet. Fixed rose gold-tone bezel. Rose gold dial with gold-tone hands and alternating stick and Arabic numeral hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Two sub-dials displaying: date and the day of the week. Swiss quartz movement. Scratch resistant flame fusion crystal. Solid case back. Case diameter: 44 mm. Case thickness: 12 mm. Tang clasp. Water resistant at 50 meters / 165 feet. Functions: date, day, hour, minute, second. Invicta Mens Vintage Collection Watch 6752.
Me: I picked this because it is a nice looking watch.

Cappello Wool Ivy Scally Cap Flat Hat Irish Newsboy Golf Driver
Price: $25.00 - $28.00
Amazon Description: Well made handsome Ivy by Cappello Hats, comfortable, warm and durable.
Me: I have a Thing for flat caps. That Thing being I think they look awesome.

2x4basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System
List Price: $71.99
Price: $62.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
You Save: $9.00 (13%)
Amazon Product Description: Create a work and storage space that truly fits your needs with Blitz's 2x4basics Workbench Assembly Kit. This innovative, do-it-yourself system lets you easily assemble a custom workbench in less than an hour. All you need is some plywood and 2x4s and you'll have a work bench that will meet all your project and storage requirements.
Me: This looked like a pretty good deal, and I really liked how this workbench looked.

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish [Paperback]
Neil Gaiman (Author), Dave McKean (Illustrator)

Price: $7.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
Amazon Review: It's a graphic short story more than a traditional picture book, by a famous fantasy and comics team. From the front end-flap to the final Fin (and not excepting the copyright page), this is a witty, funny collaboration. Neil Gaiman's grasp of kid-narrative logic and Dave McKean's whimsical layered art tell the story of a dad who "doesn't pay much attention to anything, when reading his newspaper" and the narrator's brilliant idea of swapping him for something more interesting--and of course, the convoluted consequences. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Me: This is a cute story.

Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share
Ken Denmead (Author)

List Price: $17.00
Price: $11.56 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $5.44 (32%)
Book Description: The ultimate DIY project guide for techie dads raising kids in their own geeky image, in the spirit of The Dangerous Book for Boys
Me: Not having read this, I don't know if there are activities for fathers and daughters and well as fathers and sons. :\