Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GBE2 Blog On Prompt 95: Storage Tips

This is for GBE2 Prompt 95: In the Freezer

Have a few freezer tips.

If you live alone and like to cook for yourself, it can be kind of annoying because nothing you want to cook will be in easy individual servings. So what you do is, get a bunch of freezer bags of various sizes and divide your groceries up into convenient meal-sized portions. This will make it easier to just take as much as you need out of what you plan on cooking.

You can save a space in your freezer by storing homemade chili, soups and sauces in freezer bags. (Make sure they are not hot when you put the bags in the freezer.)

Frozen vegetables like asparagus or sugar snap peas do not need a very long cooking time. In fact, if you are not careful, it is easy to over cook them.

Make your meals for the week as much ahead of time as you can, and store them in the freezer. (Or you can always make enough for leftovers and store the rest for another time.)

Make sure to label whatever you stick in the freezer if it is otherwise hard to tell what it is.