Friday, January 31, 2014

Update from the library!

So last night saw even MORE drama than previous episodes. I am informed that Drama is often part of the way of life at a group home/ halfway house. There was a major kerfluffle with one of the newer girls. (Communication problems and meltdowns from a girl with some deep issues complicated I suspect of having been socialized by Newage moonbats because there were a lot of newagey rote phrases coming from her. The girl was on the autistic spectrum and was really not understanding the entire "you are accidentally insulting everyone in the room, so please stop talking, okay?" thing.) The situation ended with the girl leaving and the rest of us getting put on restriction until one of the house managers could come and settle things. I am really hoping that girl is okay because she has not the common sense the Universe gave fluffy bunnies.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A More Detailed Update That I Probably Should Have Wrote Out Previously

There has been capital-D drama all week. The halfway house I am at had two leave takings of varying degrees of animosity, a person who had left returned briefly only to abscond again and I spent most of the week flailing around trying to get a new cell phone, attempt to get things in order with Magellan and AHCCCS and the like and attempt to solve the "rent problem" and also the "laundry" and "lack of money to pay for toiletries or laundry" problem.